Medical adhesive tape


Overview of medical tape

Medical adhesive tape is a type of adhesive tape used by doctors for patients, and it is a very important factor for the comfort of medical adhesive tape. With the improvement of medical standards, the comfort of medical products is increasingly valued by medical personnel and patients.

Standard for medical tape [1]

The functionality of pressure sensitive adhesive tape, in short, is whether it adheres well. For medical pressure sensitive adhesive tapes, this mainly manifests itself in the following aspects:

First, whether the adhesion to the material is sufficient. When pressure-sensitive adhesive tape is required to adhere the material to the skin (such as when used in surgical towels), the pressure-sensitive adhesive tape should be able to firmly adhere to the surface of the material;

Secondly, whether the adhesion to the skin is appropriate. Since most medical adhesive tapes need to be affixed to the skin, they should have an appropriate, rather than a stronger, better adhesion. The 3M Clinical Research Department evaluates the strength and applicability of the pressure sensitive adhesive tape to the skin through testing the peeling strength of the pressure sensitive adhesive tape on the skin;

Thirdly, whether pressure-sensitive adhesive tape can adapt to corresponding sterilization methods, and the impact of different sterilization methods on product performance varies. Choosing materials suitable for product sterilization methods is an important part of product design.

The functional characteristics of pressure sensitive adhesive tape mainly include these three aspects, which meet the requirements of medical adhesive tape.

3. Production of medical adhesive tape [2]

For medical pressure sensitive adhesive tapes, there should be higher production process stability requirements and traceability requirements than other adhesive tape products.

1. For key process parameters, medical tape usually requires a process capability index (CPK)>1.33,

2. Medical adhesive tape can be traced through the LOT number to any batch of products using raw material batches, operators, equipment parameters, and other relevant information, in order to investigate and improve problems.

Medical adhesive tape is no more important than other adhesive tapes. It is mainly safety first and should be made with stricter requirements.

4. Allergic and itching relieving methods for medical tape [3]

1. First, remove the allergic substance medical tape

2. Pay attention to avoiding contact with medical adhesive tape at ordinary times.

3. Secondly, pay attention to the impact of environmental and climate change, and take drugs for external or internal use as recommended by doctors.

4. Generally, stop using it in a timely manner, and it will be better after a period of time. There is no need for treatment, and if necessary, you can seek medical treatment.

5. It is considered that allergic dermatitis is related to environmental and climate changes, diet, immunity, and poor body resistance. First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to diet, and eat less spicy, seafood, beef and mutton, etc.

6. If local skin edema and ulceration occur, careful debridement should be performed to remove the colloidal residue from the adhesive tape, protect the wound surface, and eliminate bacterial infection

7. Do not stick the adhesive tape for too long.

8. Do not stick it to the red spot.

9. Use a bandage to avoid contact with the skin.

10. Serious cases should be treated immediately.

5 Scope of use

Packaging for hospital sterilization, suitable for central sterilization supply rooms, operating rooms, stomatology, etc

6 Adaptation to sterilization methods

Pressure steam, ethylene oxide, formaldehyde sterilization, etc.

7 Product characteristics

The product base material is pure wood pulp natural material, non-toxic and non irritating, with good breathability. The medical packaging tape has good softness, easy unrolling, and convenient operation; It is suitable for cross shaped packaging of sterilized cotton cloth used by medical units and enterprises.

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