Main components

The water-soluble polymer material is used as the matrix skeleton, which is rich in 60% water. The cold compress treatment effect can be achieved through the physical effect of menthol and other effective ingredients and hydrogel, which can reduce joint tissue damage, eliminate swelling, pain and inflammation.

Product Description

The inner layer (wound contact surface) is polyurethane hydrogel, the outer layer is medical nonwoven cloth, and the inner layer of the hydrogel is surrounded by medical pressure sensitive adhesive, which is convenient for applying the dressing to the wound. When the product is removed from the human body, there is no residual sticky substance on the skin; The inner layer of translucent hydrogel is clean without odor; The pH value of the extraction solution is in the range of 5.0 to 7.0; Water content greater than 60%, saturated water absorption greater than 60%; Sterile.

2. Edit labor advantages

1. Biocompatible, non allergenic, and no side effects.

2. Moderately adhesive and non adhesive to human hair.

3. Easy to operate and long service life.

3 Scope of application editing

1. Bruising, contusion, sprain type

[Mechanism] Quickly eliminate inflammation, alleviate pain, activate and trigger the body's own recovery and repair ability, enabling rapid recovery of damaged tissues.

【 Indications 】 Bruising, contusion, sprain, and other soft tissue injuries cause tissue blueness, purplish, swelling, inflammation, and pain.

2. Fracture healing type

[Mechanism] Quickly alleviate pain, eliminate and inhibit cellular life activities that are not conducive to rapid healing of bone tissue, activate and enrich bone cells, and accelerate the life activities of osteoblasts.

[Indications] Pain caused by fractures, old bone demolitions, and injuries caused by falls, promoting fracture healing.

4. Rheumatoid arthritis, hyperosteogeny type

[Mechanism] Effectively and quickly alleviate pain, eliminate inflammation, inhibit and consume the formation factors of proliferative tissue. Repair the tissue that healthy cells live in. 5. Environment, and dissolve proliferative tissue.

[Indications] Bone hyperplasia caused by cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of the shoulder, and lumbar spondylosis; Pain caused by lumbar muscle strain, sciatica, heel pain, and rheumatoid arthritis.

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