What do I need to prepare for the first aid kit


The first aid kit is a medicine and equipment carrier platform used by doctors during their visits or related support processes. It is characterized by a regional layout and is a resource guarantee for emergency rescue. In terms of drug preparation, conventional first-aid drugs should be provided, such as naloxone, cedilanid, furosemide, wheezing, atropine, hemostatic sensitivity, lizhi xue, nitroglycerin, lidocaine, nifedipine, salbutamol spray, adrenaline, and conventional infusion solvents, such as physiological saline, 5% glucose, 10% glucose, and 50% glucose. The spare parts of equipment often include sphygmomanometers, stethoscopes, tweezers, thermometers, dressings, scissors, various specifications of infusion devices and syringes, arteriovenous tourniquets, triangular scarves, bandages, head compression bandages, mesh covers, adhesive tapes, and so on. In addition, regular equipment such as alcohol cotton balls, iodophor cotton balls, and hydrogen peroxide should also be included.

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