Classification of Band-Aids


Classification of Band-Aids

There are many types of band-aids on the market. The original intention of band-aids is to suppress bleeding and only apply to small wounds. With the development and innovation of technology, there have been cartoon type band-aids, transparent waterproof band-aids, and large band-aids (for larger wounds).

According to the 2018 medical device classification catalog of the National Drug Administration, band-aids are divided into:

Sterile, disposable bandages belong to the management category of Class I medical devices, and are used for the care of superficial wounds such as small wounds, abrasions, and cuts.

Non sterile, disposable wound dressings belong to the category of Class I medical device management, and are used for first aid and temporary dressing of superficial wounds such as small wounds, abrasions, and cuts.

Both are typically sheet or roll wound dressings consisting of a coated substrate, an absorbent pad, an anti adhesion layer, and a peelable protective layer. The absorbent pad is generally made of a material that can absorb exudates. The ingredients contained do not have pharmacological effects. The ingredients cannot be absorbed by the human body.

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