Effect of wound dressing


"Woundplast, also known as benzalkonium chloride patch, is commonly known as a bactericidal elastic bandage. As the name suggests, many people apply it as soon as they have a wound. It is the most commonly used surgical medication in people's lives, so it is commonly known as a" hemostatic plaster. "". The bandage is mainly composed of a flat cloth adhesive tape and an absorbent pad, which has hemostatic and wound protection effects. The bandage is suitable for small wounds with relatively shallow wounds, neat and clean wounds, little bleeding, and no need for suturing. Generally speaking, if there is only a slight skin eruption, it is not necessary to use a bandage, just apply it with ethanol (referring to alcohol) to prevent infection. It is strictly prohibited to apply purple potion to the wound casually. Generally, people may think that a bandage can be applied for several days, but the situation is that the time of application cannot be too long, not more than 24 hours, and the bandage should be changed frequently. At the same time, we should seize the time to go to the nearest hospital for regular disinfection treatment to avoid causing unnecessary infection.

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