Sticking techniques for common wound dressings


There are a wide variety of adhesive tapes that can be used to fix and avoid falling off. However, adhesive tape is a foreign body to human skin, and long-term contact, friction, and stimulation can cause various skin reactions. Improper selection or use can cause problems such as skin damage to patients.

Due to the particularity of certain parts of the body, the fixation of wound dressings is relatively difficult. Although bandages or elastic mesh covers can be used for external fixation, it is often caused by the patient's restlessness or activity, which leads to the wound dressings easily falling off, increasing the cost and nursing hours of the patient;

In addition, patients are afraid to turn over or get out of bed for fear that the wound dressing will fall off, affecting the recovery of the wound; In particular, when using new dressings to treat wounds, the unit price of new dressings is relatively high. If the wound dressing is free of peeling, leakage, and contamination, it can be replaced every 5 to 7 days, which can maintain a constant temperature and humidity of the wound, enable the wound to heal, and shorten the healing time. Frequent replacement not only fails to achieve good recovery results, but also increases the economic burden of patients.

Therefore, how to choose appropriate adhesive tape and use it correctly to avoid skin damage, and how to paste wound dressings at special locations to ensure that the wound dressings are securely and firmly affixed, which not only facilitates patient activity but also makes them comfortable, and is beneficial to wound healing, are issues worth studying.

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